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Coleman Vision

Coleman Vision Background

Dr. Stephen C. Coleman is a leader in the field of LASIK surgery. He performed the first laser vision correction surgery for nearsightedness in New Mexico on June 14th, 1996. Since that time, Coleman Vision has been dedicated exclusively to LASIK surgery. Dr. Coleman does not fit or sell contact lenses or glasses. Advancing the technology used for LASIK surgery is the very foundation of Dr. Coleman’s practice. Dr. Coleman has been a Principal Investigator on countless FDA Studies for over two decades evaluating laser profiles to improve LASIK surgery outcomes. He currently treats patients with LASIK who have nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Over the years, Dr. Coleman has developed an intense concentration on the treatment of astigmatism with LASIK.

As a result of the many FDA studies that he has conducted, Dr. Coleman has been directly involved in Advancing The Technology Used For LASIK Surgery and as a result has witnessed many developments in laser profiles. Additionally, he has advanced the use of the diagnostic instruments which assess who should, and perhaps more importantly who should not, have LASIK surgery. Having these tools available at Coleman Vision contributes to the overall success of his practice. Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, no two eyes are exactly alike and Dr. Coleman performs fully customized, individualized LASIK treatments for each and every patient. No two treatments are ever exactly alike. This individualized approach maximizes the potential outcomes for LASIK.