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Articles By Dr. Coleman

  • Precise Patient Selection Shapes Practice’s Sterling Reputation

    March, 2017

    Coleman Vision thrives on top-notch outcomes and practical work-life balance.

  • iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio

    November, 2016

    Dr. Coleman evaluated the safety, efficiacy and patient satisfaction using the iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio.

  • How we have weathered the LASIK market

    How We Have Weathered the LASIK Market

    March 2015

    Dr. Coleman discusses current LASIK trends as well as his approach to LASIK for nearly 20 years.

  • Wavefront Aberrometry

    Wavefront Aberrometry: the Past and the Future

    September 2014

    The technology for custom LASIK was initially developed durging the Stars Wars era of the Reagan administration, and New Mexico played a key role.

  • Ophthalmologist Balances Laser Surgery Practice and Tennis

    Ophthalmologist Balances Laser Surgery Practice and Tennis

    September 2014

    Dr. Coleman manages his two passions outside his family: LASIK and tennis.

  • You Treated Me. How About My Son?

    July 2014

    Dr. Coleman seeks the advice of experts in his field regarding a patient.

  • What Determines the Success of a LASIK Practice?

    April 2014

     A key concept of LASIK at Coleman Vision.

  • Correcting Astigmatism During LASIK

    Correcting Astigmatism During LASIK

    June 2013

    Wavefront analysis can be fully appreciated when treating patients who require the correction of large amounts of cylinder.

  • The iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser

    A Real Game Changer: The iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser

    May 2012

    With the iFSLaser you have complete freedom to customize the flap.

  • My Way: Surgeon Profiles

    My Way: Surgeon Profiles

    March 2012

    The secrets to success for Stephen Coleman, MD, are altitude and attitude.

  • Surgical Options for High Hyperopes

    Surgical Options for High Hyperopes

    March 2012

    What surgical option, if any, would you recommend for a patient who is relatively intolerant of contact lenses?

  • Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today May 2010

    How Do You Approach Unexpected Results from PRK Over Prior LASIK?

    May 2010

    Laser technology is very precise, but it is less exact on previously operated eyes.

  • Aberrometry Role in LASIK

    Aberrometry's Role in LASIK

    April 2010

    The quantifiable benefits of measuring and correcting higher-order aberrations.

  • Pearls for Obtaining Quality Wavefront Captures

    Pearls for Obtaining Quality Wavefront Captures

    October 2009

    Tips for preoperative evaluation and obtaining consistency in measurements.

  • Transitioning to a High-End Practice

    Transitioning to a High-End Practice

    June 2009

    Objectively evaluate your practice and implement tangible changes.

  • Ophthalmology Times

    Correction Yields 'excellent' outcomes

    June 2009

    With advanced LASIK procedure, patients were 'very satisfied' with their enhanced vision, study finds.

  • Ophthalmology Management

    Dr. Coleman Reviews Outcomes for Advanced LASIK Procedure

    April 2009

    Converting contact-lens patients to refractive patients takes some careful strategizing during an economic downturn.